Broadway & LDN, February 2018

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This time around, I went to Broadway (in the Cotswolds) for a day trip with my parents. I used dad’s Pentax MX. Initially I was going to use his Ricoh XR7 but the shutter jammed on my first photo! The Pentax was cool but it was strange seeing the flashing colours in the viewfinder instead of the meter reading like on the Olympus OM-1! Nevertheless, I got a few nice snaps with the Pentax and I liked exploring a different model. All good fun!


I like this picture because it shows just how quaint Broadway is. I think it evokes feelings of tranquility and it was such a nice day (still freezing, however) so the contrast of light and shadow is striking. The composition is interesting too, with the trees on each side of the image as if to frame the scene. Unfortunately there are a couple of cars in the photo (even when I stood there for a while trying to avoid this) but hey, it represents modern society!


This next photograph turned out well and I have a soft spot for it – perhaps because the subject matter brings a lot of differentiation when there is no colour. There is also lots of texture. As I said in my previous post, with black and white film there is a classic feel so you can’t determine exactly when the picture was taken. With this image especially there is no way of knowing because markets have always been around.

Lastly in Broadway, I present my frequently showcased model: Dad…


I’m really happy with this. I like how he is framed within the archway and how his expression is childlike in a way. This is emphasised even more so by how small he looks in comparison to the tall structure (you’re not small, don’t worry Dad!) The sharpness and darkness of his coat stand out so much from the door behind him and make it seem like he’s not really there – as if he has been superimposed onto the image. The lines are prominent, too, which draws the eye toward the subject.

Moving onto some photos from London, I was back with the OM-1…

---_01660 (2)

I went with my parents to visit my brother. We went on a walk after having some lunch in celebration of his birthday the next week and I took this of the Battersea power station. The power station could act as the main focus of the image but my intention was to highlight the difference between the industrial side of London and the tourist side with the boats in the foreground. The power station seems overbearing but the foreground is more crisp whereas the station sort of blends into the background because of this. I think this picture although at first just seems like a scenic picture can also portray how tourism and industry coexist peacefully in the city.

Last but certainly not least…

---_01674 (2)

I’m proud of this one really – it looks like a vintage post card. It’s very crisp with the telephoto lens and is well aligned too. I like the position of the clouds and the way that the lamppost looks to be part of the London Eye. The lens choice makes the scale of the wheel misleading and it tricks you into thinking that the wheel is coming out of the buildings. There is a bit of grain but I tend to think that grain gives the picture a rustic look. A little grain never hurt nobody!

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Dorset, December 2017

I thought I would start off by doing a post with some pictures I took of my family, considering they are the most important people in my life. (Unfortunately my brother wasn’t with us, but he’s included!)


Mum, g-ma and dad at the Barley Mow Inn, Wimborne 31.12.17 (28mm).

I’m really happy with how this photo came out because the light levels in the pub were low so I had to estimate the distance and use a very slow shutter speed. Dad told me to lean my elbow on my knee because I was worried about the shutter speed! It seemed to work. I love how classic it looks. It’s as if it could have been taken 50 years ago. You really can’t beat black and white film!


Dad – with his beer of course! (28mm).

Again I wasn’t expecting this one to turn out as well as it did. It conveys a lot of emotion with the dramatic lighting and the depth of field, also with his expression. I like the extreme difference in crispness between the top of his head and the background. My dad is never really the subject of photographs because he’s always the one taking them so this was a fun project!


Dad (with his Olympus E3) at Swanage beach (100mm).

This one is a bit grainy but I actually quite like that effect on images. His jumper, sunglasses and camera stand out in comparison to the sand around him, and the sand actually looks a bit like the sea – it wouldn’t have that effect on colour film! I deliberately wanted to line his head with where the sand meets the water and he is framed quite centrally which is what I was trying to achieve.

These are just a couple of my favourite from this particular few days of shooting.
I’ll be back soon, either with more from this roll of film or from a whole new one!

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The Journey Begins!


I’m Hannah (Kate). I am in my final year at the University of Reading studying Italian and I like to play around with film photography in my spare time. I have always enjoyed taking pictures because my father has quite a collection of cameras and I was always intrigued by the ‘old fashioned’ style. I went on to do an A level course in photography where I explored both film and digital photography, but I didn’t really continue to take photos leisurely until recently. I fell back in love with manual photography!

I am only really familiar with my dad’s Olympus OM-1 but I would love to explore the other cameras he has and to see which is my favourite to use. I plan to use this website purely to show my best snaps and explain why I took them. I think this will be a nice way to document my thoughts about my pictures and hopefully other people will enjoy it too.